The Iconic PH Lamp Kopi – A Classic Danish Design Masterpiece


When it comes to classic Danish designs, the PH Lamp Kopi immediately jumps to mind. Designed by renowned architect and designer Poul Henningsen, this lamp embodies the principles of simplicity, functionality, and elegance that are emblematic of Scandinavian design.

In this article, we will delve into the history of the PH Lamp Kopi, explore its unique design features, and discuss why it has become a timeless icon of Danish design.

The History of the PH Lamp Kopi

Poul Henningsen designed the first version of the PH Lamp in 1926, inspired by his quest to create a lamp that could diffuse light in a gentle and glare-free manner. The Lamp was the result of years of experimentation and research, with Henningsen utilizing the latest developments in lighting technology and materials.

The PH Lamp Kopi was introduced in 1962 and was an evolution of the original design. Its name refers to the smooth, polished copper finish that distinguishes it from the matte-finished brass of the earlier lamps. The PH Lamp Kopi quickly became popular and soon became a symbol of Danish lighting design excellence.

The Unique Design Features of the PH Lamp Kopi

One of the most distinctive features of the PH Lamp Kopi is its layered shade design. The three shades are arranged in a way that directs light towards the ceiling, which then reflects it back down to create a soft, diffused glow throughout the room.

The shades are made from mouth-blown opal glass, which creates an even diffusion of light while hiding the bulb from view. The copper finish of the lamp’s stem and base adds warmth and elegance to the design, while the simple, minimalistic lines ensure that the lamp can complement any interior decor style.

The Timeless Appeal of the PH Lamp Kopi

Despite being over 50 years old, the PH Lamp Kopi’s sleek and understated design has allowed it to remain relevant and popular to this day. Its simple yet elegant appearance means that it can fit into any decor style, whether it be traditional or contemporary.

The PH Lamp Kopi’s timeless appeal is also due in part to its functionality. As well as providing soft, diffused light to any space, the lamp’s design means that it can be adjusted to suit any lighting need. The three shades can be moved up or down to direct light in different directions, while the stem can be rotated to change the direction of the light source completely.

The PH Lamp Kopi is a prime example of Danish design excellence. Its elegant appearance, combined with its functionality and timelessness, has made it a classic icon of design that has stood the test of time. Whether you are looking for a lamp that can create a gentle, diffused light, or you simply want a piece of design history that will never go out of style, the PH Lamp Kopi is a worthy addition to any home or space.

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