The Dazzling Radiance of Tom Dixon’s Melt Copper


Tom Dixon’s Melt Copper light is one of the most iconic lamps of the 21st century. Its mesmerizing and ethereal glow has become a staple of modern design, lighting up homes, restaurants, and hotels around the world. This article will explore the origins, design, and impact of the Melt Copper light.


The Melt Copper light was first introduced in 2014 in collaboration with Swedish design brand, Front. It was inspired by the ineffable beauty of molten metal, and Dixon’s desire to capture its transient and captivating essence in a more permanent form.

To create the lamp’s signature look, Dixon and Front began by meticulously making a molded replica of a copper ball. They then blew the molten glass into the mold, allowing the glass to adhere to the copper and create the lamp’s unique metallic finish. The Melt Copper light was born.


The Melt Copper light measures 50 cm in diameter and 47 cm in height. Its organic shape and reflective copper finish make it a statement piece in any space, illuminating a warm and inviting light. Despite its size and appearance, the lamp is surprisingly light, weighing only 4.5 kg.

The Melt Copper also comes in a range of sizes and colors, including chrome, gold, and smoke. The flexibility in design has helped solidify the lamp’s place in modern lighting and allowed for its continued popularity.


The Melt Copper light has had a tremendous impact on modern design and lighting. Its unique and avant-garde design has pushed the boundaries of what is considered traditional lighting, capturing the essence of molten copper in an ethereal and enchanting way.

The light’s popularity and success have not only elevated Dixon’s profile in the design world but also revolutionized the industry by inspiring other designers to push the limits of what is possible with lighting.

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