Bolle by Giopato & Coombes: The Perfect Fusion of Art and Design


Bolle, the latest lighting collection by Giopato & Coombes, is a stunning example of how art and design can be seamlessly combined to create functional yet beautiful objects. The collection features a series of hand-blown glass bulbs, each of which is unique due to the unpredictable nature of the glassblowing process. These bulbs are then carefully arranged in modular brass structures to create sculptural lighting fixtures that are both visually striking and functional.

The Creative Process

The Giopato & Coombes studio is known for its emphasis on craftsmanship and attention to detail, and these values are evident in every aspect of the Bolle collection. The design team worked closely with glassblowers to develop techniques that would allow them to achieve the desired textures and patterns in the glass. Each bulb is carefully crafted by hand, with no two ever being exactly the same. The brass structures were designed to be modular, so that each individual piece can be rearranged or added to in order to create a custom fixture.

The Design

The Bolle collection is inspired by the organic shapes and patterns found in nature. The blown glass bulbs resemble bubbles or cells, and the modular structures create a sense of growth and expansion. The brass finish adds warmth and elegance to the overall design. The collection includes a range of fixtures, including pendant lights, floor lamps, and chandeliers, allowing for a variety of different applications and settings.

The Functionality

While the Bolle collection is undeniably a work of art, it is also designed to be functional. The carefully arranged bulbs create a soft, diffused light that is perfect for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The modular design allows for limitless customization, so that the fixtures can be tailored to specific spaces and needs. Additionally, the collection is energy-efficient, with LED bulbs that are both long-lasting and eco-friendly.

The Reception

Since its release, the Bolle collection has received widespread acclaim from both the design community and the general public. The fixtures have been featured in a number of prestigious design publications, and have been exhibited at international design fairs around the world. The collection has also been specified for a number of high-profile commercial and residential projects, including hotels, restaurants, and private residences.

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