2022 Kitchen Decor Design Trends

Whether you live in a small rental apartment or in your own home, you’ve probably considered a kitchen upgrade. Because this is where you prepare meals, entertain family and friends, and these days, it might even be your makeshift office for working from home. But before you make your kitchen renovation plans for 2022, consider some of the hottest kitchen renovation styles right now.

Soft Green – Create a Natural Atmosphere

“Over the past year, we’ve seen all kinds of sapphire greens in the kitchen. But in 2022, we’ll be moving towards a more neutral shade of green. Subtle greens give the kitchen an open, airy look. Feel. The shades are subtle yet attractive. Green is another eye-friendly color. Imagine if you look up at a green kitchen corner after a long day at work, and feel the fragrance of nature in an instant. “

Vintage Furniture – Replace Nakajima

“With the retro farm table, not only does it require no major repairs, it also meets your need to add an island to your kitchen. Also, because of its unique size, the retro table can also be used in limited spaces. It creates an unexpected visual effect and also provides a place for people’s daily chat. Compared to a traditional kitchen island, it looks more minimalist and frees up space for meal preparation and dining chairs.”

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Marble – Natural Texture

“We will see more of this beautiful stone pattern in home renovations, whether it’s thicker countertops in the kitchen, wall-mounted countertops, themed walls or outdoors. Natural textures can also create the comfort of the outdoors, close to Nature has become the trend for 2022”

The extension of the living room – creating a large space

“Continuing the trend for 2021. The kitchen is more of an extension of a living room than just a separate space. Using the curves of a round table, the curved corners of a cabinet or a round pendant can make your home look integrated and Distinctive.

Unified backsplash and countertop – more coordinated

“The unification of kitchen countertops and backsplashes will be next year’s trend. The eye needs a place to rest, and it doesn’t need to be drawn in with different finishes or colors. Use the same kitchen countertops and backsplashes. materials for a blended and uncluttered look, or better! It also adds a touch of modern sophistication to your original kitchen style.”

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