Exploring the Beauty of Light with Michael Anastassiades Lighting

The Rise of Michael Anastassiades in the Lighting Industry

Michael Anastassiades is a world-renowned lighting designer who has gained immense recognition for his innovative lighting designs that seamlessly blend beauty with functionality. Born in Cyprus in 1967, Anastassiades studied Industrial Design and Engineering at London’s Royal College of Art before establishing his London-based studio in 1994.

Since then, he has captured the attention of the design world with his contemporary and minimalist approach to lighting, creating some of the most iconic lighting fixtures in recent years, such as the String Lights for Flos, Tube Chandelier for Svenskt Tenn, and the Mobile Chandelier series.

The Design Philosophy behind Michael Anastassiades Lighting

The core design philosophy behind Michael Anastassiades Lighting is all about exploring the beauty in the relationship between light and space. His designs are often characterized by their minimalistic, geometric forms that create sculptural statements in the room. He believes in using light as the primary material to create designs that are both functional and visually stunning.

Anastassiades’s designs are also heavily influenced by his heritage and upbringing. As a Cypriot, he was surrounded by the rich cultural heritage of the Mediterranean, which is reflected in his work’s use of natural materials such as marble, brass, and copper.

The Iconic Designs of Michael Anastassiades Lighting

One of the most iconic designs of Michael Anastassiades Lighting is the Mobile Chandelier series, consisting of a series of suspended spheres that are delicately balanced to create an open, fluid structure. The spheres are made of opaline glass, which diffuses light, creating a warm, welcoming ambiance in any space.

Another notable design is the String Lights for Flos, which is a series of hanging LED lights suspended from a black electrical wire, allowing an infinite number of configurations. The design offers complete flexibility, enabling individuals to tailor the light to suit their needs and the space’s requirements.

Finally, the Tube Chandelier for Svenskt Tenn is another of Anastassiades’ signature designs. The chandelier consists of a steel frame that houses hand-blown glass tubes, which are illuminated by LED bulbs. The design is both minimalist and substantial, creating a visually arresting statement piece in any room.

The Impact of Michael Anastassiades Lighting on the Lighting Industry

The innovative and unique designs of Michael Anastassiades have made an indelible impact on the lighting industry, setting new standards for originality, functionality and craftsmanship. His work has inspired numerous designers and architects worldwide, and his designs are an integral part of many contemporary museum and gallery exhibitions.

Today, Michael Anastassiades Lighting is synonymous with innovation, elegance, and sophistication. His designs continue to push the boundaries of what is possible and show that the beauty of the relationship between light and space is infinite.


Michael Anastassiades is a truly exceptional designer whose work has made a significant impact on the lighting industry. His innovative and geometrical designs show that light is more than just a functional element; it can be sculptural and visually stunning as well. His designs remind us that the beauty in design lies in the relationship between light and space, and that sometimes, less is more.

In conclusion, Michael Anastassiades Lighting is an excellent example of how innovative design can change the game and create modern classics that continue to inspire us for years to co

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