Arne Jacobsen Desk Lamp: A Timeless Icon of Scandinavian Design


Arne Jacobsen is one of the most celebrated Danish architects and designers of the 20th century. His designs are characterized by simple, yet elegant, forms with a focus on functionality. One of his most iconic designs is the desk lamp that is still widely used today. This article will explore the history of the Arne Jacobsen desk lamp, its design features, and its enduring popularity.

History of the Arne Jacobsen Desk Lamp

The Arne Jacobsen desk lamp was first designed in 1939 for the architectural firm, Aarhus City Hall. The design was originally intended to be used in the offices of the building, but its popularity quickly spread outside of Denmark. The lamp was produced by Louis Poulsen, a Danish lighting company, and became a symbol of Scandinavian design.

Design Features

The Arne Jacobsen desk lamp is a classic example of the modernist movement with its clean lines and simple form. Its most distinctive feature is the asymmetrical head of the lamp, which tilts at a 45-degree angle. The head is made of spun aluminum, and the base is constructed of steel. The lamp has a height of 42 cm and a base diameter of 16 cm, making it a perfect size for a desk lamp.

Enduring Popularity

Despite being designed over 80 years ago, the Arne Jacobsen desk lamp continues to be a popular choice for both home and office lighting. Its timeless design allows it to fit into a wide range of interior styles, from minimalist to industrial. The lamp has also been featured in numerous films and television shows, solidifying its status as an icon of design.

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