New Trends in Bathroom Lighting

lighting trends bathroom

Getting the lighting right is essential to creating an environment that feels calm, relaxing and inviting. Whether it’s a master bath, family bathroom or powder room, the right lights can make all the difference in your space. From directional to ambient, dimmable to accent, there are plenty of great lighting ideas to help you create the perfect bathroom.

The best way to approach lighting your bathroom is to consider the way you use it and the time of day you spend there, as this will determine which lighting type works for you. Some people prefer a brighter, more direct light for morning showers; others want a more soft, relaxed mood for evening soaks.

To achieve the perfect balance of light, look for a lighting plan that combines ambient, task and accent lighting. You can also choose different fixtures for each zone to ensure your bathroom is well-lit throughout the day.

For example, if you have a vanity area, you’ll need task lighting around the mirror to illuminate your face and other surfaces. You can add a simple decorative bathroom wall light, or a pair of wall sconces on each side of the mirror for shadow-free, flattering lighting.

If you’re looking to make a statement in your bathroom, go for big, dramatic chandeliers or floor lamps. Large fixtures can be a stylish focal point in a small space, especially if they’re in a neutral color palette that will blend into your bathroom decor.

New trends in bathroom lighting include LEDs that provide crisp white lights for accent or reflected task light above vanities. These bulbs are a lot more energy efficient than their older counterparts, and they’re also easier to clean.

The latest LEDs are also available in a wide range of designs, making it easy to find an energy-efficient lighting solution that complements your bathroom. Some LED lights can be mounted on a dimmer switch, which allows you to gradually change the intensity of the light, depending on your mood.

Another great way to achieve the perfect balance of lighting is to use multiple dimmer switches, or separate circuits. This will allow you to set the right amount of light for different tasks and occasions, so you don’t have to worry about adjusting it each time you use your bathroom.

You can also use dimmer switches to control the light level in an otherwise dim bathroom, giving you an opportunity to create a soft and relaxing atmosphere. Some of these dimmer switches also offer different colour settings, so you can choose a warm or cool light tone that works for you.

A smart dimmer system is a great idea for any bathroom because it can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet. You can also choose a timer to automatically turn the lights off at specific times of the day, such as after you’ve finished washing your face in the morning.

In 2022, you’ll see lots of pops of gray used to create a sophisticated style in your bathroom. You can even add a bold dark floor, such as this one, to give your room a modern edge. The best way to get the most from these design elements is to choose a cohesive look that ties together your hardware, mirrors and lighting in a beautiful design scheme.

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