Lee Broom Mini Crescent Pendant Light

lee broom mini crescent pendant light

Designed in a posh London factory, the mini chandelier is made of a lightweight frosted glass material with a polished nickel finish. The small and slender design will add an air of sophistication to any space.

Aside from the chandelier, the Lee Broom line also boasts a suite of smaller, more personalised lamps. This collection includes a series of table and floor lamps. The mini chandelier is the star of the show, but the other lights are worthy of a closer inspection.

The mini chandelier is one of the most fun designs you’ll find. The small lights are made of a lightweight frosted glass, and the pendant and table lamps are finished in polished nickel. Whether you’re looking for a minimalist statement piece or something more robust, there’s a lamp to suit. The lights are available in three sizes, and can be custom made to your specifications. The lights come in a variety of finishes including black, nickel, and bronze. The mini chandelier is a great way to add a touch of sparkle to any home, office, or hotel. You can also find the mini chandelier and more at the Lee Broom showroom in London. Whether you’re looking for snazzy lighting, whimsical home decor, or an interior design consultation, the Lee Broom team is always happy to help. Located in North London, the showroom is the go-to place for luxury home interior design and renovation. The showroom is also home to an extensive portfolio of high-end designers. You can also learn more about the Lee Broom brand by visiting their website.

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