Types of Vintage Bulbs

vintage bulb

There are several types of vintage bulbs available in the market today. You can find globe, vintage Edison, vintage filament, and hexahedral varieties. Globe bulbs come in a variety of sizes, from a quarter-inch diameter to a half-inch in diameter. They are often used in pendant light fixtures and exposed bulb fixtures. Other types of vintage bulbs include radio style bulbs, which replicate the vacuum tubes found in old radios. You can also find oversized antique bulbs, which are more than 12 inches tall. You can also find specialty bulbs, such as hexahedral or lantern shapes.

GE Vintage 1906

When a GE Vintage 1906 bulb is in use, it has a vintage, Edison-style filament flame that enhances any fixture. Its three different shapes make it a great choice for chandeliers and other fixtures. The bulbs combine old-fashioned charm with modern technology, making them an excellent choice for shabby chic living rooms.

The energy-efficient GE Vintage 1906 bulb provides the same warm, ambient light that you would expect from incandescent bulbs but with LED efficiency. This bulb can last 25,000 hours, making it a great choice for fixtures that are not traditionally energy-efficient. Its retro-style design also complements any style, including modern, minimalist, or bold fixtures.

Osram Vintage 1906

The Osram Vintage 1906 LED bulb is a high-quality, energy-efficient replacement for conventional incandescent bulbs. The bulb has a 2400 Kelvin colour temperature and a 15,000-hour life expectancy. Its striking LED Filament design makes it a good choice for decorative applications.

This bulb has an ES-E27 Edison screw cap and is compatible with existing light fittings. It produces a warm light and uses only 4W of power. It is an ideal replacement for traditional decorative light bulbs. This light bulb is easy to install and has a long life expectancy of over 15000 hours.

Newhouse Lighting

The Newhouse Lighting Vintage bulb series features classic shapes and hand-woven filaments. They fit into standard light sockets and offer up to 2,000 hours of life. They illuminate with a warm, Amber glow, reminiscent of the original tungsten filament bulbs of the mid-20th century. Each bulb is unique and has its own distinct characteristics, including clear glass and a unique shape.

These Edison style bulbs have a vintage feel that will add a classic look to your home decor. They give off a soft amber glow that’s both warm and inviting. The tear drop shape and squirrel cage filament give these bulbs a distinctive look that will evoke a feeling of nostalgia.

The Newhouse Lighting Vintage bulb series features classic shapes, a hand-woven filament, and clear glass. These bulbs are safe to use in standard light sockets. They maintain a lifespan of 2,000 hours, and the warm Amber light they give off is reminiscent of the original tungsten filament bulbs of the mid-20th century.

GE Vintage Style LED Light Bulb

Whether you need a more neutral light source or a more vivid light source, the GE Vintage Style LED Light Bulb is an excellent choice. This 40-watt replacement light bulb features a cool white color that is more neutral, yet still offers a high level of color contrast. Its softer light is ideal for bedrooms, family rooms, and foyers.

This light bulb has two advantages: low energy use and a long lifespan. You can use it in chandeliers, pendant lights, and other decorative fixtures. It can save you up to $36 per year on energy costs, and it is mercury-free. It is dimmable, though its dimming performance may vary depending on the dimmer.

Its spiral filament draws attention to the bulb’s shape. Plus, it’s reasonably priced and boasts a 14,000-hour life cycle.

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