Contemporary Scandinavian Lighting

contemporary scandinavian lighting

Contemporary Scandinavian lighting was pioneered by Birger Dahl, the Norwegian designer who incorporated a balanced modernism into his designs. He created a unique lamp called the Birdy, which has an adjustable shade and stem that resembles a bird’s posture. It is considered a modern icon and epitomizes Norwegian design. Designed in 1952, the Birdy was awarded the Golden Medal at the 1954 Triennale di Milano.


Both minimalism and contemporary Scandinavian lighting design emphasize simplicity and functional pieces in a space. They often employ a pale color palette and use natural materials like wood. Both trends incorporate clean lines and geometric patterns. Scandinavian design is known for its use of natural materials, tans, and pastels. Its designs are often open and airy.

Using a cool color palette such as blue can help you create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. You can incorporate a blue sofa in a living room or use a light blue writing desk in a minimalist home office. In addition, using wood furniture gives a Scandinavian space a warm, cozy feel. For lighting, consider using geometric fixtures to accent the Scandinavian style. For example, a contemporary chandelier with exposed bulbs can serve as a focal point. Or, a paper lantern can add texture to an entryway or living room.

Handcrafted design

Modern Scandinavian lighting combines functionality and minimalism to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The style of Scandinavian design reflects a love of nature and its simplicity. Whether it’s the use of basic colours or a bold contrast, Scandinavian lighting is sure to impress.

Among the most popular styles of contemporary Scandinavian lighting are pendant lights. These pendant lights have a warm glow that will envelop your space. They are crafted from wood and feature a unique design, similar to a bouquet of flowers. For a warm glow, choose a pendant light that has a curved shape and a curved stem.

Incorporating handcrafted design into contemporary Scandinavian lighting is a great way to bring it to life. This style is made to last and will add a personal touch to your space. It also blends beautifully with minimalist furniture and accessories.

Clean lines

When you want to incorporate Scandinavian design into your home, clean lines are a great option. Scandinavian designers know how to make light fixtures that have clean lines and a timeless look. These designs are renowned for their classic look, but incorporate modern trends as well. Here are a few examples of Scandinavian lighting that has clean lines: The Lamp de Bureau, a traditional table lamp designed by Jean Prouve in the 19030s, remains modern in its design. Another example is the Block Lamp, designed by Harri Koskinen in 1996, a lamp consisting of two blocks of clear glass that house a light bulb. This lamp looks like a bulb stuck in ice and emits a soft diffuse light. This lamp is a cool alternative to traditional Scandinavian lighting, but still provides a subtle and pleasant illumination.

Another important Scandinavian design tip is to reduce clutter. Taking away unnecessary items from your home will help you create an open space and allow natural light to enter the room. If you must use storage space, keep everyday items in a place that is out of sight. This will give you more space to display design-friendly objects.

Bright hues

The bright hues of Scandinavian lighting are also found in Scandinavian designs. The PH 5 Pendant, designed by Danish designer Poul Henningsen, is a classic. This pendant has a large, angled shade that diffuses light and is available in many different finishes. Its design is inspired by a bouquet of flowers.

Light colors are commonly used in Scandinavian interior design to create a bright, airy atmosphere. Light wood fixtures are also prevalent. Unlike other European styles, Scandinavian lighting features a more modern and stylish feel. Many homes in Scandinavia use stylish pendant lights and modern chandeliers.

Many Scandinavian designers use a wide variety of DEKTON colors in their pieces. While one color may be used to highlight a certain piece of furniture or accent, others may be reserved for a more neutral tone. However, if you’re considering investing in Scandinavian-style lighting, it’s important to keep in mind the overall color scheme.


Scandinavian designs emphasize functionality, clean lines, and functionality. This aesthetic is influenced by a philosophy that emphasizes accessibility and quality. Several companies that manufacture contemporary Scandinavian lighting, such as IKEA, have adapted their designs to make them more accessible. These companies also carry a variety of traditional Scandinavian crafts, including glass and Dala horses. You can also find Sami handicrafts made by the indigenous Finno-Ugric people of the Sapmi region.

Many Scandinavian designers believe that Scandinavian design originated in Denmark, where the Selskabet for Dekorativ Kunst (DSDK) launched a magazine called Skonvirke in 1915. This magazine celebrated local craftsmanship, and was widely regarded as a more accessible alternative to contemporary movements such as Art Nouveau.

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