The Plume Lamp by Oluce

plume lamp

The Plume hanging lamp is an attractive hanging light, and is available in 3 matt colours. It is made from fiberglass and is suitable for home and business use. Orders can take between 2 and 4 weeks to arrive. This item is also available in a larger size. Please note, however, that the Plume lamp cannot be shipped directly to your door.


The Oluce plume lamp features a curved metal light rod and a foldable shade. This versatile lamp is suitable for a wide variety of interior design schemes thanks to its rich bronze finish and minimalist frame. This stylish table lamp can be mounted on a simple side table, stationed next to a favorite armchair, or even on a desk.

Founded by Giuseppe Ostuni in 1945, Oluce produces a large range of contemporary lighting. Throughout the past 70 years, Oluce has achieved international recognition and has attracted some of the most influential designers to its collection.

Christophe Pillet

The Plume lamp is part of a family of contemporary lighting designed by Christophe Pillet. This minimalist design has two versions: a table lamp and a wall lamp. The two lamps differ in their lengths, and the overall design is very sleek and modern. The base is made of anodised bronze, and the shade features a curved metal surface that resembles a feather. The lamps provide generous task light and an upscale ambient glow.

Christophe Pillet was born in 1959 and lives in Paris, France. He studied design in Milan and then moved to Paris to work with Philip Starck. Since then, he has carved out a unique style that has won him international acclaim. In 1994, he was named “Designer of the Year” by French magazine, and today, he continues to collaborate with some of the world’s most influential names in contemporary furniture design.

Crystal lampshade

A lead crystal lamp looks exquisite and delicate and is comparable to a fine oil painting. This type of lamp needs special care and should be cleaned every week. To clean it, use a dry cloth or a feather duster without chemicals. Never use harsh cleaners or solvents on lead crystal. In addition, make sure you vacuum the shade every once in a while or use a magnetic dust collecting device.

A crystal lampshade can be used on a variety of designs and types of lamps. One option is a hand-cut crystal lamp with a clear structure. It also can be combined with other types of lamps, such as a table lamp or a floor lamp.

Pure kerosene lamp oil fuel

While kerosene is still the primary fuel used for oil lamps, there are several other notable alternatives. However, these alternative fuels aren’t as widely used as kerosene and paraffin. Additionally, the mileage of using alternative fuels may vary, depending on your location.

Before the 1860s, most homes relied on whale oil, fat, or camphene as their lamp fuel. But by the end of the nineteenth century, oil refineries began to proliferate, enabling the production of kerosene. This new fuel was cheap, light, and relatively safe. However, it did require regular maintenance.

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