How to choose a bedroom ceiling lamp

The bedroom is a space for us to relax and rest. In the decoration design of the bedroom, lighting plays a pivotal role. To avoid cumbersome lighting design, ceiling lamps are a good choice. But how should you choose a ceiling light for your bedroom?

Choose according to room size

The size of the room has an impact on the power/size of the ceiling lamp for the bedroom. Large spaces require a large lighting area, so high-power lamps should be selected.

Size selection reference:
3-8㎡ small bedroom options
Ceiling light with a diameter of 260mm and a power of 12W
5-10㎡ bedroom options
330mm diameter ceiling light with 18W power
8-15㎡ bedroom options
380mm diameter ceiling light with 24W power

Pick by shape

The styles of the market products are different, and the shapes of the ceiling lamps are different. The common types are square, round, hemispherical, irregular, etc. You can choose according to your own preferences and the style of the room. The round-shaped ceiling lamps are simple in style and belong to Wild class.

Choose according to material

There are many different materials for the ceiling lamp mask. The common ones are plastic, acrylic, glass, etc. The acrylic mask has better tensile force, and the material is lighter. Compared with glass and plastic, it is also more cost-effective.

Choose according to your living needs

In addition to rest and sleep in the bedroom, some people have the habit of reading, so choose according to your needs, you can choose a ceiling lamp that can adjust the color temperature and tone.

The bedroom ceiling lamp is easy to install, simple and beautiful, and does not take up a lot of space. Friends who like simple decoration can consider installing it.

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